Weekly menu

October 23 - 27, 2023

We serve you a leaf salad or soup with every dish

Menu 1  |  CHF 18.50

Penne all`amatriciana


Menu 2  |  CHF 21.50 

Vegetable lasagna

Menu 3  |  CHF 23.00

Zander nuggets in beer batter.

With leaf lettuce and tartar sauce.



Visit our dessert counter in the store for a sweet indulgence.

Our wine recommendation.

Sauvignon blanc, Südtirol 2021  |  CHF 6.50

intense scent of nettle and elderflower.
Fresh and lively on the palate. Fresh acidity and minerality.

Piacere, Mont-sur Rolle 2021  |  CHF 6.50

Fruit, woody notes, and a sweet finish.