Starters, Soups and Snacks

Small mixed Salad  | CHF 8.50    

Pumpkin Soup  | CHF 8.—/15.—    

with roasted seeds and oil 

Grisons Barley Soup I CHF 9.— / 16.— 

barley, vegetables, dried meat, cream

Salat Bun Di I CHF 16.—    

pumpkin seeds, marinated pumpkin and roasted mushrooms


Bun Di Plättli I CHF 19.-

deer Salsiz and Grisons Mountain cheese, with fruit bread

Salmon Poke Bowl I CHF 24.—

smoked salmon cubes, avocado, seaweed salad,
mango chutney, edamame and basmati rice

Caesar Salad I CHF 19.-/ 25.— möglich

lettuce salad, parmesan cheese, croutons, bacon and
roasted chicken breast

Marinated beef tatare I 

70g/CHF. 19.—  140g/CHF. 35.—  210g/CHF. 42.—

onions, egg and brioche-toast

Main Courses

Bun Di Angus-Burger  |  CHF 33.—

cheddar, tomato salsa, bacon, onion, BBQ sauce,
french fries

Quinoa Vegetable Burger  |  CHF 30.— 

cheddar, onion, pickle, tomato salsa, french fries

Red Thai-Curry vegan  |  CHF 33.—    

vegetables, basmati rices

Red Thai-Curry with Chicken Breast |  CHF 38.—  

vegetables, basmati rice

Red Thai-Curry with rosted Shrimps |  CHF 40.—  

vegetables, basmati rice


Wienerschnitzel  |  CHF 42.—

fried coated slice of veal vegetables, french fries, cranberry, lemon

Marinated beef Tatare I 

70g/CHF 19.—  140g/CHF 35.—  210g/CHF 42.—

onion, egg and brioche-toast


We use exclusively Swiss meat.



Here there is a wild atmosphere...

Game Dishes

Game Bowl | CHF 24.—

red cabbage salad, pumpkin, fried mushrooms, lukewarm venison strips, pomegranate

Game Bowl without venison | CHF 18.— 

red cabbage salad, pumpkin, fried mushrooms, pomegranate

Porcini Mushroom Ravioli | CHF 32.— 

with sage-garlic butter and parmesan cheese


The Vegetarian, "wild" Plate | CHF 32.— 

apple red cabbage, curd pizokel, cranberries, fried mushrooms in cream sauce, glazed chestnuts

Roasted Venison Escalope | CHF 43.—

roasted mushrooms in cream sauce, apple red cabbage curd pizokel, glazed chestnuts

Deer Pepper | CHF 38.—

apple red cabbage, curd pizokel, bacon, silver onions, croutons, glazed chestnuts and cranberries


We use venison from Austria and according to availability from the Engadin.


Take a look at our counter, where fresh cakes and many other sweet temtations are waiting for you.  

Vermicelles |  CHF 13.50 - with Cherry Destillat CHF 14.50

with merinques, vanilla ice cream and cream

Kaiserschmarrn  | CHF 15.50

with almonds, raisins, plums and vanilla Ice Cream 


Apple Strudel  |  CHF 10.80

with vanilla sauce

Digestif Recommendation

Grappa- Nonino | CHF 8.—

Chardonnay, Moscato, or Merlot 41%

Misani, Poschiavo | CHF 7.50

Chrüter 42%, IVA 33%

Misani, Poschiavo | CHF 8.20

Cherry 42%

Misani, Poschiavo | CHF 6.50

Nut liqueur 30.5%